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ATV Training in Kamloops

Looking for ATV training in Kamloops?  Its January 5th and all of Kamloops is covered in white stuff, people are busy snowboarding, snowmobiling, skiing, and our generally making the best of this chilly season.  Soon, the snow will melt and in its wake a new batch of outdoorspeople will head to the hills.  Among the hikers, mountain-bikers, horseback riders, and rock climbers, will be those who prefer to get around the backcountry at a faster clip.  I’m talking about our friends, the ATV-ers.


Using an All Terrain Vehicle is a great way to get outside and explore the backcountry.


Perhaps you are already gearing up for the spring season, and eyeing up your quad that has spent the long winter months inside your garage.  Or maybe you are an employer whose employee’s are required to operate these machines as part of their workdays.  What thought have you given to the safe operation of your machine?  According to the Canadian Institute for Health Information, In Canada, the rate of ATV-related injury hospitalizations (for all ages) rose by 57% between 1996 and 2004, with absolute numbers increasing from 1700 admissions in 1996/1997 to over 2800 in 2004/2005.  One possible cause for the increase in injuries is the increase in riders.  There are simply more people out taking advantage of the outdoors in BC.  There are also many more companies like forestry contractors, surveyors, geo-techs, and prospectors making or continuing to use ATVs a part of their vehicle fleet.


ATVs outdoors

Operating an ATV requires awareness of the environment, the vehicle, and the operator’s limitations.


This Spring we are offering several one-day ATV training in Kamloops designed to boost safety awareness among ATV riders of all ages and experience levels.  The background section of our ATV program provides students with knowledge of ATV ownership and registration, ATV liability insurance, ATV legislation, and the main components of the ATV.

We then provide students with information regarding the basic principles of safe operation including safe operating practices, personal protective equipment, start of shift checks, occupational concerns, and workplace hazards.  From there we look at driving practice and discuss driving basics, climbing hills, and traversing slopes.

ATV maintenance

ATV maintenance like all vehicle maintenance is essential to the safe operation of ATVs.


After a discussion about operational maintenance, it is time for the class to head to the hills for some practical training.  At OH&S we try to make sure that all our training contains a hefty practical component (we know how tiring it can be to sit in a classroom all day).  During the practical, the instructor will guide students through the pre-operational inspection of the machine before briefing students on the terrain they will encounter and other environmental concerns that may arise.  The group will then embark on the practical portion of the course where the theory the students learned in the morning will be put to the test.

We invite everyone who would be interested in attending our ATV training course to contact us at 778.471.6407.  If you have any questions regarding the course or the certification you will receive, we will be happy to answer these questions for you as well.