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What Level of First Aid does your Company Require?

Mobile Treatment Center

It’s simple, Employers in BC are responsible to provide first aid in the workplace.  Hire a first aider, or train an existing employee to carry out first aid duties, buy some equipment, and you’re done right?  But what about those instances where the workplace is remote, or work sites where there are dozens or even […]

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Respirator Fit Testing

Respirator fit test

Respirator Fit Testing   Many workers rely on respiratory protection in the form of a disposable or reusable respirator on a daily basis.  But did you know, that respirators should never be the first choice of respiratory protection in workplaces?   It all comes down to what safety professionals call the hierarchy of controls.  When […]

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Joint Health and Safety Committee Training

Why have a Joint Health and Safety Committee? In British Columbia, Joint Health and Safety Committees are required in workplaces where 20 or more employees are regularly employed or where otherwise required by order.  But is the only reason to have a Joint Committee the fact that we are legally required to have one? If […]

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ATV Training in Kamloops

ATVs outdoors

Looking for ATV training in Kamloops?  Its January 5th and all of Kamloops is covered in white stuff, people are busy snowboarding, snowmobiling, skiing, and our generally making the best of this chilly season.  Soon, the snow will melt and in its wake a new batch of outdoorspeople will head to the hills.  Among the […]

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Confined Space Consulting in Kamloops

Workers prepare to enter this confined space below the roadway of a bridge

The past year has seen our reputation grow as a high quality training center, a safety equipment retailer, and a provider of top notch occupational health and safety consulting.  What was perhaps most interesting about the work we performed in the past year is how much of it was related to working in confined spaces.  Throughout Kamloops […]

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Check out our T.V. commercial!

Click Here With our new television commercial we wanted to demonstrate that the first aid skills taught at OH&S Safety Consulting and Training Solutions are easy for anyone to learn.  We believe that the basic life-saving skills we teach will be valuable for anyone of any age!

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