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First Aid Requirements in BC

Need to know what your businesses first aid requirements are? This step-by-step procedure can help in obtaining this information.


Confined Space Accountability Checklist

Easily track workers who are entering and leaving confined space. This document is essential for all confined space attendants. Enter a worker's name and the company they work for on the left-hand side of the table then mark each time they enter the space using a ' / ' and cross it out creating an 'X' when they exit the space


Atmospheric Monitoring Log

BCOHSR 9.26(3) states that the atmospheric air testing "record must show the date and time of the test, the initials of the tester and the levels or condition found." Our Confined Space Atmospheric Monitoring Log allows you to input all of the required information on one easy to use document.


Confined Space Entry Permit

BCOHSR 9.14 Contents of permit states: An entry permit must identify the confined space and the work activities to which it applies, workers who are inside the space, required precautions for the space, and the time of expiration of the permit. Make sure you are recording all the information you need with this easy to use form.


Safe Work Plan

How can you ensure that every hazard you will encounter during your work has been identified? How do you ensure that you and your workers have taken the time to develop appropriate hazard controls? The answer is documentation and checklists. This comprehensive checklist of hazard helps you to identify the hazards of a given task and document the controls that you plan on using.


Worksite Tailgate Meeting

Toolbox or toolcrib, tailboard or tailgate, whatever you call your worksite safety meetings there is no doubt that they are an essential piece of your companies overall safety efforts. Make sure that your efforts are thorough and well documented with this well organized document that gives your supervisors space to record their safety objectives and to record any safety concerns that might have come up during the course of the meeting.


AED Sales and Training Information

Find out about AEDs and the services we offer including sales, training, and service. Learn why your business should have an AED and talk to us about how to integrate your AED into your overall health and safety management system!