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OSSA Plus Confined Space & Entry Monitor

Oil Sands Safety Association Accredited

Program Cost: $195

This one day confined space/entry monitor program will allow an understanding of confined spaces and restricted spaces.  It will allow you to recognize the hazards associated with entry, controls that must be in place to eliminate or reduce such hazards and the duties of a confined space monitor.

Program Length: 8 Hours

Program Topics:

The OSSA Regional Code of Practise Requirements
Definition of Confined and Restricted Spaces
Confined Space Levels
Legislation Requirements
Hazardous Substances and Energy
Testing and Atmosphere
Ventilation and Purging
Entry Permit System
Confined Space Monitor Responsibilities
Emergency Response
Personal Protective Equipment
Confined Space Incidents
Theoretical Exam

Class Size: Maximum 20

Course Materials:

Confined Space Manual
Program Completion Certificate