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Emergency Medical Responder

The Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) Bridging course is an entry-level Paramedic course that will prepare individuals for employment in a variety of pre-hospital, industrial and first responder settings. The EMR course is designed to provide participants with the basic knowledge and skills to be able to manage any medical and trauma related emergency.

The EMR Bridging course is 5 days in length with one day of exam. This course requires students to have successfully completed an OFA Level 3 (2 week) course prior to starting.

Students are accepted for enrollment by meeting the course prerequisites. Maximum enrollment is 18 participants per class.

Instructors in the EMR course are experienced educators in pre-hospital training.

The EMR program is highly skills intensive, candidates work through skills practice and scenario situations to develop proficiency and comfort with the equipment and patient assessment skills that are a part of the national occupational competency profile for an EMR.

Course Content

Course Goals
The EMR course is an entry-level training course that provides the skills and knowledge required to practice as an Emergency Medical Responder. At the end of the EMR course you will be able to:
Perform a standardized patient assessment
Conduct a scene assessment
Assess and manage life-threatening traumatic emergencies
Assess and manage life-threatening medical emergencies
Assess patient vital signs
Monitor patient blood pressure and pulse oximetry
Conduct a secondary assessment consisting of a physical examination, medical history, and vital signs
Conduct chest auscultation
Administer CPR according to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada
Perform basic wound and fracture management including the application of a Sager Splint
Maintain airways and ventilation using Pocket Mask and Bag-Valve-Mask devices
Meet all Occupational First Aid Level III requirements
Conduct lifting, loading, extrication, and transportation of patients
Perform spinal immobilization and cervical immobilization
Perform emergency childbirth
Perform oropharyngeal airway suctioning
Perform oxygen administration
Perform Automated External Defibrillation (AED)
Maintain intravenous lines
Administer the following oral, sublingual, or inhaled medications:
Nitrous Oxide (Entonox)

Take Home Materials
Course Material
Pre-reading of course material is required.

Once the applicant has completed the registration process including payment in full, he/she is eligible to receive the course material. Students may arrange to pick up the course material directly in Kamloops or we can courier the materials out at an additional cost.

Course Details

  • Class Number

  • Language

  • Course Length

  • Price

  • Certification

  • 000-11

  • English

  • 165 hrs

  • 800

  • Emergency Medical Responder

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