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Emergency Oxygen

Intended for individuals who are CPR, Emergency or Standard first aid trained who desire or are required to be trained in the administration of Emergency Oxygen.

This 4 hour program teaches providers how to use supplemental oxygen during an emergency, prior to the arrival of EMS.

This supplement is designed to meet requirements for personnel to be properly trained in the use of emergency oxygen and includes safety and handling recommendations. Providing supplemental emergency oxygen in conjunction with life supporting emergency care, is a simple and effective method of increasing a patient’s chance of a successful recovery. In fact, it is one of the first medical measures taken by EMS personnel in the field and in the hospital.

This program can be used to supplement MEDIC First Aid programs such as Emergency First Aid and CPR, Standard First Aid and CPR, or the Workplace for BC Level 1 etc.

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Course Details

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  • 000-9

  • English

  • 4 hrs

  • $60.00

  • Emergency Oxygen

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