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Pipeline Safety Orientation

Pipelines are the primary means of transporting natural gas and oil products across the continent. Many companies and organizations—including the petroleum, natural gas, and chemical industries—rely on pipelines to connect refineries, processing plants, distribution sites, and customers with vital oil, gas, and chemicals. Almost every house and commercial building relies on pipelines to receive heating fuel, water, and gas.

Keeping this network running smoothly is important to everyone who turns up a thermostat, switches on a boiler, or starts a car. Your ability to work safely, while protecting the environment, is the key to the safe and efficient operation of the pipeline. Pipeline incidents can be devastating, putting at risk people and the environment.

Pipeline workers need to understand and be aware of potential hazards and take measures to prevent incidents and accidents. The individual safety training topics involved are many and vary from excavation safety, to personal protective equipment, to welding, to ergonomics.

Preventing accidents and protecting your health, as well as exercising proper stewardship of the environment, is our primary concern. Your personal commitment to these goals and a strict compliance with established procedures and practices are required.

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  • 000-37

  • English

  • 4 hrs

  • $150.00

  • Pipeline Safety Orientation

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